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Lamb and Kid Feeder

The Milk Train 4 litre lamb and kid feeder.

·         Hang this handy feeder on a pipe or rail.

·         Comes complete with little softy white no leak teats.

·         These feeders can be joined together to make an eight or twelve teat feeder.

·         4 litre capacity total with each compartment holding 750ml.

Price $65.43

Marking Rings

The easiest and most common method of marking is to apply a rubber ring (or band) to the tail using an applicator. Banding is a bloodless method of tail docking and castration. The band cuts off the blood supply and tail/testis fall off in 7 to 10 days.

Price $19.25

Numocaine 100ml

NumOcaine is a fast-acting, local anaesthetic that starts numbing the site within a minute, making it the only injectable medication to deliver

pain relief where it’s needed when it’s needed via the Numnuts® Device.


1. 65 doses supplied in 1 x 100ml Quick Change Cartridge

2. Quick Change Cartridge allows quick, safe, and hassle-free broaching and change over

3. Temperature stable @ 30 deg C — No fridges/cool packs required

Price $55.00
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