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Chum 20kg

Chum Crunchy - Beef, Bone and Vegetable Flavour is a balanced and nutritious recipe your dog is sure to love. This recipe is fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals to promote and maintain overall health and well-being, and is enriched with essential ingredients to encourage a healthy coat and strong teeth and bones.

Price $53.30

Coprice Working Dog 20kg

Working dogs are elite endurance athletes, high performance labourers and your best mates. They keep you company during long, strenuous days and push themselves in through the toughest conditions, so they deserve nothing but superior quality nutrition.


CopRice Working Dog Adult Beef is specially developed nourishment for hard working adult dogs in need of diets high in fat with balanced and highly digestible carbohydrate sources, to fuel the sustainable energy required for gruelling workloads.

Price $60.23

Stockman & Paddock Dog Food

With real Australian Beed as the no 1. ingredient, it is specifically formulated with 26% protein and 16% fat to help keep your working dog in peak condition, working harder, for longer. High protein for high performance. Wholegrains for sustained energy. Prebiotics to assist gut health. No artificial colours or flavours.

Price $51.37

Stockman & Paddock Grain...

With real Australian Beef as the no.1 ingredient, it is free from wheat, rice and other grains, as well as gluten, corn and soy. Complete and balanced nutrition for everyday feeding, this food contains a carefully crafted blend of fish oils and flaxseeds for balanced omega 3 and 6 to help promote skin and coat health, together with natural prebiotics to assist gut health.

Price $85.03
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