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11m Bungee Gate Break Kit

Bungy Gate Break Kit 11m

  • Orange Brianex Bungee Gate Break Handle
  • 8M Solcor Electric Bungee Cord for up to 11M (36′) gateways
  • Electric fence Activator & Termination End
  • UV stabilised stainless steel rubber core ‘Solcor’ bungy cord with durable UV resistant polyester sheath
Price $57.20

11m Double Handle Bungee...

Double Handle Bungee Gate Break Kit 11M

The Strainrite Double Handle Brianex Bungee Gate break Kit with Orange Brianex Bungee Gate Break Handle for up to 11m (36′) Gateways

11M Double Handle Gate Break Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Strainrite Activator Kits
  • 2 x Strainrite Brianex Bungee Connector Clips
  • 1 x Solcor 8m (26′) Monocore Electric Bungee Cord
  • 2 x Orange Bungee Handles
Price $60.50

Electric Bungy Cord 50m

Premium Electric Bungy Cord – 50m

  • 50 metres (164 ft)
  • Premium Solcor bungy shock 8mm cord impervious to UV, salt water/air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals
  • Solid formulated rubber core, UV stabilised for maximum performance and long service life.
  • Tightly braided UV stabilised polyester outer cover with 4 x 0.25mm stainless steel wires.
  • Breaking strain: 96kg stretch at break 2.5m max – manual stretch 1m to 1.85m
  • New Zealand Made
  • White and green fleck
  • High visibility reflective band woven in
Price $254.10

Standard Reel With 200M Tape

Standard Reel With 200M Tape

  • Comes complete with 200M of Polytape
  • High-impact UV resistant polymer plastic for strength and long life
  • The one piece moulded spool is self-insulated. Reinforced mag wheel fins provides spool strength
  • Use with carry handle or mounting post
  • Self Insulated
  • Not recommended for use with steel wir
Price $132.00

Super Braid Wire 500m

Super Braid Wire 500m

Key Features:

  • 500m (1640′)
  • Electric fence braided wire
  • Non-twisting, UV stabilised electric fence wire
  • 8 strand braided, stainless steel 0.18mm diameter wires
  • Resistance of 4820 ohm/km

Recommended for:

  • ­­ Rotational grazing
  • ­ Strip Grazing
  • ­ Ideal for break feeding
  • ­ Boundary fence protection
  • ­ Portable Fencing
  • ­ Fits comfortably on a reel
  • ­ Predator control
Price $110.00
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