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Earth Stake

Earth Stake

  • Profile design for ultimate surface to ground contact
  • Multiwire aluminium clamp system
  • Overall length 2M
  • Width 30.4mm

Earth Stake Advice

Earthing ground rod requirements: Approx 1 x 2m long galvanised ground rod for each 5j of energizer energy (minimum of 1).

(Earth rods should be installed at least 10m away from any mains earth, power supply or telephone cables)

* Distance figures stated are maximum single wire (km) effective performance for multiwire distance will be affected by fence.

Price $0.00

MXB240 Mains Energizer

MXB240 Mains Energizer

  • Runs from either 12v battery or mains power supply; allows flexibility for location
  • Input voltage 12vDC and 230vAC
  • Low battery/pulse indicators
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • 3 year warranty
  • 5 hectares/12 acres
  • Stored Joules 2.4J
  • Output Joules 1.2J
  • Max Voltage 8.1kV
Price $223.30

SX67 Solar 5km Energizer

SX67 Solar 5km Energizer

Medium power energizers with integrated high capacity solar panels. Many solar energizers are low in power and/or utilize solar panels which are inadequate to keep the battery charged. These energizers have been designed to operate at popular power levels, suitable for a range of applications, with panels carefully matched to replace the energy used while operating. A battery charger is also included to help keep the battery charged during the winter months or when not in use.

  • Sealed rechargeable 12 Amp/hr battery fitted internally – Charger included.
  • Fitted with a 10-watt solar panel.
  • Panels carefully matched to replace energy used while operating
  • On/Off switch
  • Mounts onto Steel Posts
  • 0.50 Output Joules
  • 0.67 Stored Joules
  • 2 hectares / 5 Acres
Price $597.30

Thunderbird Solar Electric...

Large easy to view LCD display, O-Ring sealed case, fully portable - internal battery included. Light, easy and fast to set up. 

Fence leads and a mains recharger are supplied. Coated electronics, resin sealed.

Transformer and SMD technology combine to form a high-quality product. Magnetic switch no holes through case.

All models include:

Designed to slide straight over a steel star post for mounting.

Convenient strong moulded carry handle for easy portability.

Super-fast to install, large easy to use fence knobs.

Ideal mould angle to maximise solar collection.

Low battery warning - lets you know when to mains recharge.

Fence and Earth leads supplied with insulated grips.

Main’s charger port is covered - keeps weather out.

Low and high-power levels for battery conservation.

Price $440.00
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