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15km Mains Fence Energiser

The Thunderbird Mains electric fence energiser powers up to 15km

  • Safety certified to Australian / New Zealand standards
  • OK pulse light flashes with each fence pulse
  • Tough, O-ring sealed, weatherproof case
  • SMD technology - for ultimate reliability
  • Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months lightning warranty
  • Vacuum sealed transformer - provides a longer life
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made from quality components
  • Large fence terminal knobs, with incorporated stainless steel nuts
Price $255.00

30km Energiser Bat/Mains

Powers up to 45 acres / 18 ha (30 km) of fence

3 J maximum output energy (4.5 J stored energy)

• Solar compatible. Electrify your fence with solar power by connecting solar panels to any Speedrite Unigizer.

• Indicator lights (voltage and battery). Easy to read light bar display provides an instant measure of the Unigizer output voltage and battery condition for quick fence diagnostics. The LED display shows red when heavily loaded

• Day/Night sensor. Automatically adjusts pulse speed to contain or exclude animals based on day or night conditions

• Large terminals. Mounted on the front of the energizer casing for convenience, these large terminals are easily adjusted and accept up to two fence wires. The slotted terminals make inserting wires and getting a good connection easy

Price $450.00

35km Mains/Battery Electric...

Thunderbird MB370 Powers up to 35 km of fence

Plugs straight into the wall or can be powered by a 12v battyer making it perfect for all electric fence applications.

Mains or Battery powered, ( A.C. Adaptor and D.C lead supplied )

Can be used with a solar panel

  •  Safety certified and approved to Australian and New Zealand standards
  • OK operation pulse light flashes with each fence pulse
  • Quality Australian made product, with 2 years warranty
  • Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months warranty against lightning strikes
  • Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.
  • Surface mount electronics - for ultimate reliability
  • Vacuumed sealed transformer - provides longer life
  • Large terminal knobs, and modular design for fast service.
Price $350.00
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Earth Stake

Earth Stake

Profile design for ultimate surface to ground contact

Multiwire aluminium clamp system

Overall length 2M

Width 30.4mm

Earth Stake Advice

Earthing ground rod requirements: Approx 1 x 2m long galvanised ground rod for each 5j of energizer energy (minimum of 1).

(Earth rods should be installed at least 10m away from any mains earth, power supply or telephone cables)

* Distance figures stated are maximum single wire (km) effective performance for multiwire distance will be affected by fence.

Price $17.60
  • -$107.80

MXB240 Mains Energizer

MXB240 Mains Energizer

  • Runs from either 12v battery or mains power supply; allows flexibility for location
  • Input voltage 12vDC and 230vAC
  • Low battery/pulse indicators
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • 3 year warranty
  • 5 hectares/12 acres
  • Stored Joules 2.4J
  • Output Joules 1.2J
  • Max Voltage 8.1kV
Regular price $223.30 Price $115.50
  • -$134.00

Thunderbird Electric Fence...

Thunderbird’s energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advanced surface mount electronics, for better control, fence performance and reliability. Thunderbird’s MB-145, MB-375 &  MB-530 fence energisers are ideal for medium sized farms.

Regular price $442.00 Price $308.00
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