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Crimp Sleeves 3.15mm Pottle...

Crimp Sleeves 3.15mm – Pottle of 50

  • 3.15mm Wire Crimp Sleeves
  • Water Resistant Grit Adhesive for all weather application
  • For use on 3.15mm or 10 gauge and 1.6mm High Tensile Barbed Wire
  • Pottle of 50

Crimp sleeves make fast, easy wire joins that exceed the breaking strain of the wire!  Crimp 4-5 times with fencing tool to ensure a solid crimp joint.

Price $40.70

FX2 Contractor Chain...

  • FX2 Fixed Handle Contractor Chain Strainer

  • Two swivel ends for left/right-hand use

  • Improved casting design for effective grip on wire

  • Solid, one-piece contractor Handle of 22mm (7/8″) diameter

  • Smaller size handle – ideal for frequent/contractor use

  • Computer Designed Geometry

  • Comes with all the hard-wearing features of a durable one-piece handle – gold zinc plating for increased corrosion protection, heavy duty rivets, testd chain and wear resistant smooth grip iron jaws

  • Strain fence wires quickly & easily

  • Spring Kit and 1.2m (47″) chain included

Price $248.60

Helix Wire Winding Jenny

Helix Wire Winding Jenny

Easily wind-up old fence wire! Allows efficient vertical wire winding without bending over.

Quick release rotor for easy coil a removal.

Recovered wire coil fits wire dispensing jenny for re-use.

Integral ground stand allows jenny to be used to dispense wire from the ground.

Rugged steel construction, gold passivated for corrosion protection.

Stability wings for ground use.

Enough capacity to take approximately 1,400m of wire

Price $682.00

Permanent 4 Arm Wire Jenny

Permanent 4 Arm Wire Jenny

Lightweight 4 arm Jenny with adjustable fingers for different coil sizes

Self-Regulating Friction Hub to prevent wire overrun

Convenient handle for re-coiling used wire

Designed for a standard 25kg (55lbs) coil of wire

Complete with Ground Spike

Stand available as an optional extra – Sold Separately

Price $300.00

Single Wire Jenny with Spike

Single Titan Wire Jenny

Flip-over wire retention arms

Superior balance for heavier wire loads

Self-regulating friction hub to prevent wire overrun.

Drop arm design for better balance.

Rugged steel construction with gold zinc corrosion protection

Quick wire coil reloading

Designed for wire coils with an approx internal diameter of 525mm

Price $370.00

Standard Chain Strainer

Standard Chain Strainer

  • Heavy duty rivets and high tensile pivot bolt
  • Smooth Grip Jaws – effective grip on Zinc/Aluminium fencing Wire.
  • Easy on the hands one piece gold zinc passivated handle 27mm dis, (1 1/16″)
  • 1.2m (47″) chain included

Strainrite Chain Strainers are a proven design with hard-wearing features that are built tough to last. The smooth grip jaws hold all common sizes of fence wire while minimising wire damage. The claws and grips are a heat-treated Spheroidal Graphite cast iron, making them durable for long service life. The rugged steel handles are gold passivated for protection. Also includes a gold passivated standard tested chain with swivel and heavy-duty rivets.

NOTE – Does not include spring, Spring kits sold separately FSP00010

Price $200.50
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