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Ace Of Spades Long Handle

Ace Of Spades Long Handle – 1420mm

  • Premium quality NZ made fencing spade
  • Tough Heat Treated Steel Blade
  • Additional tube in shaft for increased strength & balance
  • Slightly rounded spade mouth and solid handle
  • Shaft Diameter 33mm
  • Overall Length 1420mm (56″)
  • Spade Head Width 170mm (7″)
  • Spade Head Height 240mm  (9.6″)
Price $211.20

Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain

  • New & improved chain hook
  • Usable with any Strainrite Chain Strainer or Boundary Strainer
  • Enables quick, easy chain attachment for tensioning off strainer posts
  • Comes Assembled with 1 x Clevis Hook
  • 2 x 1m (39″) Lengths of Gold Passivated Chain
  • Strong, durable and versatile
Price $57.20

Crimp Sleeves 3.15mm Pottle...

Crimp Sleeves 3.15mm – Pottle of 50

  • 3.15mm Wire Crimp Sleeves
  • Water Resistant Grit Adhesive for all weather application
  • For use on 3.15mm or 10 gauge and 1.6mm High Tensile Barbed Wire
  • Pottle of 50

Crimp sleeves make fast, easy wire joins that exceed the breaking strain of the wire!  Crimp 4-5 times with fencing tool to ensure a solid crimp joint.

Price $29.70

Double Stacker 4 Arm Wire...

Double Stacker 4 Arm Wire Jenny

  • Galvanized for long term corrosion protection.
  • Quick Adjust Wire Guide Fingers, 12mm (1/2″) diameter for extra strength.
  • Self-Regulating Friction Hub to prevent wire overrun.
  • Also with convenient handle for re-coiling used wire.
  • Includes extra long ground spike.
Price $384.86

Easy Wire Puller

Easy Wire Puller

  • Easily tie off/staple wire hands free!
  • Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts
  • Smooth grip wire clamp prevents wire damage
  • Overall length approx 678mm (26″)
  • Handle Pipe Diameter 25.4mm
Price $136.40

Ezecut Fencers Chisel

Ezecut Fencer’s Chisel

  • Contractors Choice High-Quality Fencing Chisel
  • Forged from Solid High Carbon Steel
  • 37mm Head (1 7/16″)
  • Surface Ground and Whetstone Sharpened.

Maintain your Ezecut Fencers Chisel by cleaning up / grinding the strike point on the handle removing any ragged edges.
Never use a chisel whose head has been allowed to mushroom. striking the chisel in this condition could harm you, or others with chips of metal flying off the handle.

Price $103.40

EzePull 4in1 Fencing Tool

EzePull 4in1 Fencing Tool

The original EzePull fencing tool for staple pulling, wire cutting, wire stripping and wire joining.

  • Hardened cutlery grade heat treated steel jaws
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Strong double action with over-centre lever for superior strength crimps

Compatible with Strainrite Crimp sleeves ONLY

  • 2.50mm Crimp Sleeves Only

Note: Using 3rd party crimp sleeves will void your tools warranty

Price $403.70
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