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11m Bungee Gate Break Kit

Bungy Gate Break Kit 11m

  • Orange Brianex Bungee Gate Break Handle
  • 8M Solcor Electric Bungee Cord for up to 11M (36′) gateways
  • Electric fence Activator & Termination End
  • UV stabilised stainless steel rubber core ‘Solcor’ bungy cord with durable UV resistant polyester sheath
Price $57.20

11m Double Handle Bungee...

Double Handle Bungee Gate Break Kit 11M

The Strainrite Double Handle Brianex Bungee Gate break Kit with Orange Brianex Bungee Gate Break Handle for up to 11m (36′) Gateways

11M Double Handle Gate Break Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Strainrite Activator Kits
  • 2 x Strainrite Brianex Bungee Connector Clips
  • 1 x Solcor 8m (26′) Monocore Electric Bungee Cord
  • 2 x Orange Bungee Handles
Price $60.50

3:1 Geared Reel with 200m...

3:1 Geared Reel with 200m of Polytape

  • Premium 3:1 Geared Reel (spool rotates 3 turns to 1 handle rotation)
  • Reel Stabiliser – locks & balances the reel to the fence wire
  • Uniquely formulated self-lubricated planetary gear system
  • High impact UV resistant polymer plastic for strength and long life
  • The one piece moulded spool is self-insulated.  Reinforced mag wheel fins provides spool strength
  • Includes wire tape guide & insulated handle
  • 200m / 656ft of 12mm Polytape
Price $154.00

7mm Heavy Duty Gold Foot...

7mm Heavy Duty Gold Foot Pigtail Post – Bundle of 10

  • Galvanized spring steel 7mm (9/32″) diameter shaft
  • Galvanized pressed formed steel foot, proven superior ground holding and considered one of the best on the market
  • Enhanced Corrosion protection for increased durability
  • Extra overall length – 1040mm (41″)
  • Out of ground height – 840mm (33″)
  • Bundle of 10 posts
Price $78.10

Ace Of Spades Long Handle

Ace Of Spades Long Handle – 1420mm

  • Premium quality NZ made fencing spade
  • Tough Heat Treated Steel Blade
  • Additional tube in shaft for increased strength & balance
  • Slightly rounded spade mouth and solid handle
  • Shaft Diameter 33mm
  • Overall Length 1420mm (56″)
  • Spade Head Width 170mm (7″)
  • Spade Head Height 240mm  (9.6″)
Price $211.20

Activator Strap Post Insulator

Activator Strap – Pack of 10

  • Unique revolutionary post termination insulator
  • Enables multiple gate handle connections
  • Eliminates protruding activator plates
  • Pack of 10 Activator Straps
  • Includes 30 x Galvanised Clout Nails
  • Saves time and money with single strap installation

Multi-function Post Insulator

Eliminates auxiliary components such as the egg insulator, pin lock
insulator, activator plate and separate electrical lead. 

Reduces potential harm to your stock

With no protruding parts or steel plates, there is nothing for the stock
to damage compared with common activator plate systems.

Time saving

Time saved on installation with only the Activator strap required to
install and less likely to be broken by stock or machinery.

Price $40.70

Ally Underground Cable 100m


100m / 328ft Cable

8 ohm / 1000m resistance (3280’)

• 2.6mm ally clad wire x 8.3mm OD insulation
• Aluminium coated wire for greater current carrying capacity
• Two layers of UV resistant polyethylene
• Soft insulation sheath is easy to strip back
• Resistant to cracking in severe frost conditions
• Pliable and easier to work with

Price $172.70

Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain

  • New & improved chain hook
  • Usable with any Strainrite Chain Strainer or Boundary Strainer
  • Enables quick, easy chain attachment for tensioning off strainer posts
  • Comes Assembled with 1 x Clevis Hook
  • 2 x 1m (39″) Lengths of Gold Passivated Chain
  • Strong, durable and versatile
Price $51.70
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