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Poultry Kit 50M

Poultry Kit 50M

Quick & easy way to set up and install electric fencing for poultry.  Ideal option for keeping a small number of birds in a domestic setting and provides protection from preditors.

Kit includes:

·         MXB240 energizer – operates on both 230V & 12V

·         KV tester

·         Green netting 5m x 1.12m

·         15  x 13mm dia posts (HDPE Black)

·         2 x corner guys

·         Warning Sign

·         13 x metal ground skewers

·         4 x plastics pegs

·         Net Spacing Horizontal 7.5cm

·         Net Spacing Vertical from top 20/15/15/10/10/10/10/5/5/5/5cm

·         Repair Kit – 1m of each material in net / 4 x ferrules / 1 x pair guy pegs

Price $907.50
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